Udaipur 16 Gigapixel, India’s First And Largest Digital Interactive Image

Udaipur 16 Gigapixel Image, India’s first and largest digital interactive image. Udaipur 16 Gigapixel  image a 16 GP panoramic photo which is made of 1456 numbers of individual images. In the list of World’s largest GigaPixel images it ranks on 20th Position. The dimension of this image is 45521px (W) by 36894px (H). This gigantic shot was taken from the top view point of the karni Mata temple, Udaipur, India. These 1456 numbers or individual shot was taken by Canon 60D (18MP) Camera loaded with 400mm f/5.6 lens. To take precise shot a robotic arm was used. Not only taking those thousands number of shots was the big deal.

Udaipur 16 Gigapixel

After taking those shots the color of all shots were corrected in Adobe Camera raw. Then all those fragments were stitched with Kolor AutoPano Giga. Rendered on Dell Mobile Workstation M4600 with 16 GB ram and 2.4 Ghz processor. It takes 18 hours to complete the rendering process or the stitching process. The final image saved into .KRO format as its size was 65GB and JPG only allows you max size 2GB. Later on it split into 10 parts of Photoshop Raw files for final finish as Photoshop has a limit of editing 300,000 by 300,000 pixels image. For this splitting a software Gigapx was used.

The man behind this awesome work is Pranshu Dubey. Pranshu has finished his master’s from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. He is a photographer specialized in areas of Aerial Photography, Panoramas and interior / exterior photography for hospitality and infrastructure.

To see the view of Udaipur 16 Gigapixel, India’s First And Largest Digital Interactive Image  click here

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