How To Update AMD/ATI Graphics Card Driver Of Sony Vaio Laptop [Working]

The most painful story of my life is I am a gamer and by mistake bought Sony Vaio Laptop (VPCEB46FG) for gaming purpose 4 years back. Still now it was ok and played lots of games fluently. Battlefield 4 is my last game played. But when I installed Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag I was stuck with my very low fps. I change all the graphics settings, but still it was running very poorly and hangs sometime. Then I realize that I need to update my AMD/ATI graphics card driver. But the question was how to update?

If you are a Sony VAIO Laptop owner then you should know that Sony doesn’t provide updated graphics card driver of AMD/ATI. And when I visit AMD’s official site to download latest graphics card driver on my laptop they said that they doesn’t provide an AMD graphics card driver for SONY Laptop.


I was upset and make many requests to Sony customer care to provide latest graphics card driver but who really cares. They sell their product and they finish their job. They never think about a customer’s problem.

I do many searches on the internet so that I can find a way to update my ATI/AMD graphics card driver on my Sony VAIO laptop which was not updated since 2010.

But failed to find a working method to update it. Then I came through a site which are really good people in this world. They think about the people like us. And provide us a way to update AMD/ATI graphics card driver of Sony Vaio Laptop or notebook.

This is nothing but  UnifL – Unified Leshcat Drivers.

What is UnifL – Unified Leshcat Drivers?

UnifL – Unified Leshcat Drivers are custom drivers for those laptop which has Intel CPU and AMD/ATI GPU. This project is run by

It supports

  • AMD 3xxx/4xxx/5xxx/6xxx/7xxx/8xxx Series
  • Intel HD/HD2000/HD2500/HD3000/HD4000/Iris/Haswell CPU Embedded Graphics

So if you have a laptop with these hardware configurations and unable to update graphics driver, then use this. As after installing UnifL drivers on my Sony VAIO I am able to play AC4. . Make sure you remove your previous graphics driver completely and install UnifL driver. I can see my graphics rating improvement after installing this driver.




So why you are waiting for, just grab the latest UnifL driver to update your AMD/ATI graphics card driver on any Laptop.

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