Update Your Pirated Windows 7

Are you worried about your pirated Windows 7, just update it without deactivating your pirated windows 7.just don’t update this two update (KB2534510) and KB971033 and enjoy.
I know few of you use genuine Windows 7, but rest of the people just grab a copy from torrent or other. As being a hacker i want to inform you that, updating your os is very required as well as your anti-virus .But how to update your OS, as many of you says that when they update their OS , the fake key is detected  .I will tell you how to bypass this , just follow the step

1.Go to control panel

2.Click on Windows Update

3.Now click on “Change setting”

4.Now select 3rd option “Check the updates but let me chose weather to download and install them”

5.Now Click on “OK”

6.Now when you will connect your PC to internet Window will show which update is available for you

7.Now find the update with code [KB971033] , just tick off this update and update rest of the updates

For better you can hide the [KB971033] update . This is the update for detecting your fake key.

Enjoy updating

Update Your Pirated Windows 7
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