How To Watch YouTube Video Offline In Android

Google has introduced a nice feature for Indian people. Now Indian people can watch YouTube Video offline to save mobile data where mobile data is expensive. With the Offline YouTube feature¬†Indian people will be able to save lots of mobile date while using YouTube. You don’t have to consume date for watching the same video. You can enjoy YouTube video without internet connection. The basic idea behind this offline feature is Google will allow you download the video and it will be in your device for 48 Hours. Within 48 Hours you can watch that video without internet connection only via YouTube app.

So how to watch YouTube Video Offline?

1. First update your YouTube App to Version 6.0.13 or higher from Play Store

2. Open YouTube and Play any video. You will see a download option like this


3. Just click on that button to download. (Note: Some video does not allow this)

4. Select the video quality


5. Now it will start downloading or adding to YouTube offline

6. You will get a notification after successfully adding

7. To watch that video again offline or without internet, just tap Offline


8. Now you see those videos that you have added for offline. Select the one you want to play



So enjoy YouTube offline on your Android Phone and save mobile date.



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