What is DigiLocker and How To Create DigiLocker Account

This year on 1st July our Prime Minister Narendra Modi had launched an online document storage facility name DigiLocker or Digital Locker to enhance the Digital India Project. DigiLocker is a cloud storage by Govt. of India, where any Indian Denizen can keep documents like PAN card, Voter Card, Educational certificates etc. This will help them to not carry physical documents whenever it needs. You can directly share your documents from DigiLocker to apply for Job application or anything else. Every document will be in e-format and shareable to any Govt. Agencies.


DigiLocker has two sections to keep a document, first is Issued Documents where any Govt. Institute like your school or University will issue document for you such that mark sheet or certificates and these issued documents can be used directly from DigiLocker for any Govt purpose like to apply for a job. At this moment there are only three agencies to issue documents for DigiLocker. Soon every Govt. organization will come under this roof.

The second section is Upload Documents section where you can upload documents in doc, PDF or image format like scan copy of your mark sheet or your passport size photo or signature. This section is quite same as Dropbox or Google Drive. But here you can put e signature on each document showing its ownership.

DigiLocker dashboard

There is an another section name Shared Documents where you can check which document you have shared with whom via email. Overall you will get 1GB storage space in DigiLocker.

So if you are impressed with the feature of DigiLocker and wants to make a DigiLocker then you should create it as its free of cost. But here are some requirement to create DigiLocker, first of all you must be an Indian citizen holding a Aadhaar Card. Second of all, your Aadhaar Card must be linked with a mobile number where you will receive OTP or One Time Password.

If you fulfil the above criteria, then check this out how to create a DigiLocker account.

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How To Create DigiLocker Account

  1. Open this URL https://digilocker.gov.in/public/register
  2. Enter your 12 digit Aadhaar Card number and hit Sign Up.Screenshot (98)
  3. Now Choose OPT to verify Aadhaar Card Number, you will receive OTP via SMS on your linked mobile no.Screenshot (99)
  4. Put the OTP and click on Verify OTP.Screenshot (101)
  5. On successful verification, it will show your Aadhaar Card details and a sign Up form.
  6. Fill up this Sign Up form with strong password and a valid email ID.Untitledfsfsa1
  7. Note down your User Name and Password as you need these to login
  8. Now hit the Sign Up button
  9. It’s done! You have successfully created DigiLocker account.
  10. If you want to login then open this URL and hit Login.

So it’s quite easy to create a DigiLocker account. Now you can use as a cloud storage account, but soon you will be able to use it for it’s actual purpose to make document paperless.

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