WhatsApp has launched Group video call and voice call [Conference Call]

WhatsApp has finally launched a conference call feature in their platform. We have liked WhatsApp video call and voice call so much that we often do it and its convenient than regular network call. But what was missing in WhatsApp call with the regular call was a conference call or group calling. But now WhatsApp has launched group video calling like Google hangout and Group voice calling.

WhastsApp conference call

Basically, WhatsApp has started rolling out this feature on the latest version of WhatsApp of both iOS and Android platform. So you have to wait a little bit to get this feature and start doing WhatsApp group video call with your friends and family. You can also do WhatsApp group voice call but when we have Reliance Jio there is no requirement to do group voice call over the GSM network.

So how to do WhatsApp video conference call or WhatsApp group video call. Here I want to use the conference word more that group, as some people will be misguided by thinking that its only video calling in a particular group in your WhatsApp. Let’s explain it more by how to do WhatsApp group video or voice call.

How to do WhatsApp Group Video call or WhatsApp video conference call?
  1. Open WhatsApp and do video call someone from your contact list.
  2. Once the video call is accepted by the receiver from the other person
  3. You will see a “+” button at the top right corner
  4. Just tap on it and add another participant
  5. By this way, you can add another one and do WhatsApp Video conference call or group video call.

If you want to do WhatsApp voice conference call or group voice call then the method is the same as the video call. First, you need to WhatsApp voice call someone then you need to add participant by taping on “+” button the top right corner of your screen.

But before you do that make sure you have updated WhatsApp version. You can download the latest version of WhatsApp from apk mirror.



WhatsApp has launched Group video call and voice call [Conference Call]
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