Why You Need The All-in-one Tool: Snov.io Review

Email marketing is the backbone of modern business, irrespective of the field of operation. Which is why the lead generation process and email campaigns are the most important steps on the way to success. In order to reach what you are seeking, you need lots of tools to support you. What is really great in the modern world is the variety of tools; what is even better on the market one can find all necessary tools under one roof.

For your attention, Snov.io all-in-one automation cold outreach platform. I suggest you dive into how this platform can help you and why should give it a try.

Features of Snov.io cold outreach platform

1.    Email address search

Just think of what you need: hunter people for your company? reach people from a definite company? or companies? Snov.io will support in this tough task. All you have to do is put the domain and it will list all the email addresses that are associated with it.

Another feature is the Chrome extension which can be activated on any webpage and it will find all the email addresses that are available there.

If you are lucky enough to know the person’s name then you can put the person’s name and the domain name in the respective windows and Snov.io will extract the email address.

You can try Boolean Search. What it will provide you with? You will be able to find email addresses with many filters, like, position, location, skills, etc.

The best part is that you can find email addresses not only on companies’ websites but also on social networks, like Facebook, or Twitter. Just don’t blame the platform of bad work if it doesn’t provide you with emails from Facebook or Twitter because people don’t tend to leave their personal email IDs on social networks. It is more likely to find them on the professional social network.

2.    Email Checker

When the emails are already found, don’t you think you can already start sending emails to them? That’s right, first, you have to check the emails for validity. Luckily, Snov.io team is circumspect enough and they have prepared an email verifier. You can verify either the emails you’ve just found with their Finder, or upload the list of email addresses you already have. It works pretty quickly, though, you must realize: the longer the list is, the more time it will take to check it.

3.    Running an email campaign

Noone loves manual work, that’s true. In order to save time and efforts, take advantage of Snov.io Drip Campaigns. The tool allows you to create an email sequence with:

– triggers: send auto follow-ups depending on the recipients’ actions;

– delays: set delays to not look like a spammer;

– personalization variables: express the knowledge of whom you are writing to by addressing people by their names;

– email templates: send pre-written email created either by yourself or save your own emails as templates;

– schedules: spread messages on particular days and time:

– goals: know who of the leads have reached goals and which ones;

– stats: learn the statistics of how the campaign performs.

4.    Email tracking

After running the email campaign, this wonderful tool keeps you updated with every email performance. Snovio email tracker sends you live push notifications as soon as one of the email recipients opens the email or clicks on a link that you have sent. Along with this, you will also get charts and numeric measures of the email performance which means you will be able to track how many emails you have sent, how many of them were opened, how many links were clicked, and the overall status.

5.    Free email sending

Pricing is an important issue when choosing anything. Especially, if you work for a small or middle-size business. To prove that Snov.io is really worth trying, I’d like to note that they offer a freemium. If that’s not enough for your work, you can always skip to a paid plan, the cheapest is $29 only.

What is even more important is that even within the free plan there are no restrictions to tools usage. You are just allowed to find and verify fewer email addresses and send emails to fewer people. But that’s pretty enough for you to see whether the platform is worth donating in the future.


Taking into consideration how well the platform works right now and how quickly they grow, they will stay in the market for pretty long. The team continues working and adding new features regularly. Let us know what you like or dislike about Snov.io in the “Comments” section below. Let us know if you have any query.

Why You Need The All-in-one Tool: Snov.io Review
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