Windows 7 vs. Windows 10 – Should You Upgrade?

Microsoft has made it clear that it wants to unify its software platform as much as possible with the release of its new Windows 10 operating system. For this it will do something it has never done before in its history: it will offer Windows users a free upgrade to the latest version of its desktop OS (on mobile upgrades were already free). Currently there are at least three Windows versions running on desktops all over the world: XP, which is no longer officially supported by Microsoft, Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1. By offering Windows 10 free, Microsoft will ensure for the majority of home users to switch to the new version rather quickly – although businesses will surely be more slow to adapt. But the question is: should you upgrade to Windows 10? Will it be that much better than, say, Windows 7, which runs the Royal Vegas online software seamlessly, and is among the most stable and generally satisfactory versions of the Microsoft operating system?

Windows 7 Vs Windows 10

Windows 7 vs. Windows 10: Performance

Windows 10 will include a series of performance upgrades, both compared to Windows 7 and Windows 10. The new version of the Microsoft OS will be quicker to boot, and due to a series of hardware acceleration features the OS will generally behave better. The power management in Windows 10 will also be improved, so it will offer better battery life on portable computers.

When it comes to gaming, the situation will be similar to the case of Windows 7 and DirectX 11 – DirectX 12 will be a Windows 10 exclusive.

Windows 7 vs. Windows 10: The Looks

Windows 10 will be a mix of old and new: it will retain some of the colors and the visual elements of Windows 8, and it will also offer some traditional icons like Windows 7. Overall, the visual interface of Windows 10 will be coherent, more modern and sharp. Besides, it will eliminate translucent backgrounds and borders.

Windows 7 vs. Windows 10: The Feels

Again, Windows 10 will have some new features and will bring back some of the old ones – remember the Up button in Windows Explorer on XP? Windows 10 will have a single space for all notifications, and will be able to manage multiple desktops. This will be a useful addition compared to Windows 7. When it comes to multiple monitor support, though, the features are only basic – two monitors, with the desktop either mirrored, or stretched on both.

Windows 7 vs. Windows 10: Cortana

Microsoft’s smart digital assistant will be available on all versions of Windows 10 – desktop, mobile or tablet. While Windows 7’s search feature is quite useful, it is also quite basic. Cortana integrates web search, local search and many more useful functions.

So, unless you have software that won’t run on Windows 10, my advice would be for you to take the opportunity and upgrade to Windows 10 free of charge.

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