YouTube has Officially launched YouTube Music and YouTube Premium in India

Today YouTube has Officially announced the launch of  YouTube Music and YouTube Premium in India. From the last few months, it was expected that YouTube will launch its music streaming service YouTube Music and YouTube Premium (Formerly know as YouTube Red). After the launch of Spotify Music streaming in India, Google has realized that it is high time to launch YouTube Music as well as YouTube Premium. Both YouTube Music and YouTube Premium are available in Android, iOS as well as web player on your PC.

YouTube Music

YouTube is one of the key apps of entertainment and knowledge in everyone’s pocket. In the last three years, there is a huge growth of YouTube in the Indian market. There was a time people hunt for free things irrespective of how many ads he needs to digest. But now this scenario is changing. Indian people purchasing Gaan, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hoichoi Subscriptions, though you can watch Hoichoi videos without a subscription. But the mindset is changing, that’s why YouTube has also launched YouTube Premium so that you can enjoy ads free videos.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music is more or less the same as Gaana, Amazon Music or Spotify music streaming service. You can listen to music online on smartphone or PC through YouTube Music. YouTube Music has a huge variety of songs, albums, playlists, radio etc along with a wide catalogue of remixes, live performances, covers, etc personalized, under one roof. You can enjoy all these features at free of cost on YouTube Music being compromised with ads. Else you can enjoy ad-free YouTube Music with YouTube Music Premium starting at ₹99/Month. You will be able to download offline music and play in background in YouTube Music Premium.

In the launch event of YouTube Music in India Lyor Cohen, the Global Head of Music said

“India is where the multi-lingual music scene thrives. It’s interesting to note how Indian artists have consistently claimed top spots over the last few months in the Global YouTube Top Artists chart. With YouTube Music, we are hoping to bring the best in global and Indian music to millions of fans across India, and give them an immersive music experience, with the magic of music on YouTube”

Features of YouTube Music
  • Access to official songs, albums, singles, live performances, covers etc in addition to music videos.
  • Personalised home page, filled with recommendations based on your previous music listening preferences.
  • Various playlists across various genres, moods, activity, and language, to allow you to discover new songs.
  • Smart search, which allows you to search for a song you don’t remember, using some part of the lyrics.
  • Dedicated hotlist section that shows the current trending hot songs, so you don’t miss out on them.
  • An Offline Mixtape, created by downloading up to 100 of your favourite songs using your mobile data, in case you forget to do so.

YouTube Music app is available on both Android and iOS app store. You can download YouTube Music app from the respective app store. Once you have downloaded and installed you need to sign in via Google ID. The basic plan for YouTube Music starts from ₹99/Month. If you are already a member of Google Play Music subscription then you will get YouTube Music as part of that’s subscription. YouTube also offered the first three months of free subscription. So enjoy and avail these offers.

YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium aka YouTube Red. This is nothing but ad-free YouTube video watching and enjoying some premium content like some live concert or show. If you love movies or TV series then you can enjoy it on YouTube Premium. YouTube Premium is ad-free and offline video watching service on YouTube as well as YouTube Kids and YouTube Gaming. It is worth mentioning that YouTube Music comes under YouTube Premium. So it is better to buy YouTube Premium subscription than YouTube Music subscription. YouTube Premium subscription starts as ₹129/month.


I personally watch too much YouTube videos and YouTube has really done a great job to provide us ad-free content at a cost like other online entertainment services. But YouTube is not only for entertainment but also beyond that. Youtube Premium will encourage the YouTube video creator to come under YouTube Premium ad-free video watching portal. But I don’t like YouTube Music as with the free plan you will not be able to play the song in the background or while you turn off the screen. You need YouTube Music Premium subscription for this silly thing. I would go for Gaana or Spotify. Even there are some mod YouTube apps where you can play YouTube videos or music in background or screen turn off.

YouTube has Officially launched YouTube Music and YouTube Premium in India

YouTube has Officially launched YouTube Music and YouTube Premium in India
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