How To Delete Search History In Windows 8

Searching mechanism in Windows 8 is very easy to use , just open Start screen and type , you will get your need. If you want to search an app in Windows 8 App store then just Press [Win+Q] you will option to search. 
But do you know by default this search detail are saved in Windows 8. It’s called search history. Whenever you will go to search a term related to previous search one , Windows will show it. Sometimes it’s very bad that your friend or family gets what kind of thing you previously searched.

So don’t be worried now , as whenever you use Windows 8 , don’t forget to delete search history. So how to delete all the search history ?

Step 1: Open Start screen by pressing the Win key
Step 2: Now move your cursor towards right-bottom corner of the screen
Step 3: Now click on Settings

Step 4: Click on “Change PC settings”

Step 5: Select “Search” tab
Step 6: Now click on “Delete History”

So you can also disable the option such that Windows will not save your search history by selecting the just second option.

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