How To Automatically Share Blog Post Updates on Google Plus Page For Bolgspot or Blogger Blog

A few days ago when it was only possible to publish your Blogspot blog post via Google Plus Pfofile not a page . It was very irritating to copy paste web site and link and share it via Google Plus Page. But Now You can share your Blogspot or Blogger Blog post via Google Plus Page and Profile Both. So how to share blogspot or Blogger Blog post via Google Plus Page and Profile automatically after publishing post? You can’t share the it in both Google Plus Page and Profile. You have to chose one. Mean share it either Google Plus Page or Profile.

To do this you Need a Google Plus Profile and Page and you must be the admin of the Google Plus Page. First You need to Integrate Your Blogger to Google Plus Profile. So just do this

Step 1: Log in to Blogger account 
Step 2: Go to the dashboard. At the top-right region you will see a cog icon.
Step 3: Click on the cog,  then click Connect to Google+. You will see a confirmation screen.
Step 4: Just confirm it , now your blog is integrated with the Google Plus Profile.

Now you have to switch from Google Plus Profile to Google Plus Page to share post automatically on the Google Plus Page.

Step 1: Go to Dashboard of your blog
Step 2: Click on Google+ . Which is located on the left side of your screen 
Step 3: Now you will see your Google Plus Page and Profile , click on Page box to switch from Google Profile to the page.
Switch to Google Plus Page
Step 4: tick on the box “Prompt to share after posting ” to get a pop up type after publishing post to share it.

You can also share your post by clicking “share” from post tab like this

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