Download GBWhatsApp v4.00 [Updated February 2016]

Want to install two WhatsApp on a single Android device then you must try this awesome app name GBWhatsApp. GBWhatsApp is customized or modded version of WhatsApp which allows you install two WhatsApp account on a single Android phone. GBWhatsApp is the best app to do this. Recently the latest version of GBWhatsApp launched and its GBWhatsApp v4.00. GBWhatsApp v4.00 comes with WhatsApp v2.12.361 with some more features and customization.  So if you have GBWhatsApp v3.90 then its time update to the latest version GBWhatsApp v4.00. This is the February 2016 Updated version of GBWhatsApp.

GBWhatsApp 3.90

So how to install two WhatsApp in a single device using GBWhatsApp v4.00?

  1. Download and install Official WhatsApp and activate it with your primary number (Skip this if you already have WhatsApp install)
  2. Download GBWhatsApp v4.00 (Link given at the end of the post)
  3. Install GBWhatsApp v4.00
  4. Enter your secondary number and activate it

Now you have two WhatsApp on your Phone. One is official WhatsApp and other is GBWhatsApp. Mean two WhatsApp with two different number in a single Android phone.

In the app menu booth, Official WhatsApp and GbWhatsApp are identical in name and icon so better is change the icon colour of GBWhatsApp. To Change icon colour of GBWhatsApp, Open the app, then tap on Menu>>GB Settings >> Appearance>> Other Mods>> Launcher Icon and choose your favorite colour.

Download GBWhatsApp 4.00 (WhatsApp version 2.12.361)


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Download GBWhatsApp v4.00 [Updated February 2016]
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