5 Best features Of YoWhatsApp App

YoWhatsapp might not be an unknown name for you if you are using some of the best whatsapp mods out there. In fact, YoWhatsapp is one of the best WhatsApp MOD which can help you do things easily which are not possible by the original WhatsApp app. Also, the app is free of cost to download and use. In this post, we will be talking about 5 best features of the YoWhatsApp app which is one of the best whatsapp mods available online. By knowing them, you will be able to use the YoWhatsapp app more efficiently.

Before we start,

What Are WhatsApp MODs?

As you know, the original WhatsApp does provides us a handyfull features using which we can connect with people and friends socially whom we know. But, the features are so limited that we can not use it that much efficiently as we want. So, that’s why WhatsApp MODs were introduced to the original WhatsApp users. Note that, WhatsApp MODs are illegal and are not authorised by the original WhatsApp company to be used. Yet, most of them are safe to use and help users to unlock features for the better use of the messaging platform.

WhatsApp MODs allow you to unlock features such as multiple privacy options which are not just limited to (hide double ticks, blueticks), online status, multiple video calling etc, theme modification. Using any of the WhatsApp MODs will allow you to do these things easily without getting banned.

Considering YoWhatsApp as one of the WhatsApp Mods, why should you use it when there are other mods available to use?

Why don’t you take a look at 5 Best Features Of YoWhatsApp App.

5 Best Features Of YoWhatsApp App

YoWhatsapp was made by a developer whose name was Yousef. It is also named after the developer himself as you can notice it. YoWhatsapp was first introduced in the XDA-developers forum after which it became viral. Lets see the 5 best features of YoWhatsApp app.

1. Enhanced Messaging System

The developer of the YoWhatsApp has designed the messaging platform very nicely. Currently, the messaging system of the YoWhatsApp app allows you to auto-reply to messages, delete multiple messages at once, better looking chat bubbles and blue ticks. Using these, you can easily reply with an automated text to your contacts when you are away, delete the unwanted messages at a time and open chat windows.

2. Added Features For Group Admins

Well, there are some changes in the group management system in the YoWhatsApp app. Now, group admins will be able to set the group name with 35 characters instead of 25 characters using the YoWhatsApp app. Because the original WA app only comes with the feature by which you can’t exceed the limit of 25 characters while changing group name.

3. Inbuilt Security Feature

YoWhatsApp also comes with security features like Do Not Disturb (DND) and an inbuilt app lock which will secure your WhatsApp app and messages without using any third party security app. Also by using the DND feature, you can disable internet only for the WhatsApp app which won’t let anyone disturb you.

4. Mass Broadcasting Upto 600 Members

With the new feature in WhatsApp broadcasting, you can broadcast messages to 600 peoples using the YoWhatsApp App. Normally WhatsApp allows you to broadcast messages upto 256 members. So, if you want to broadcast your message to more people, you know which app tp get.

5. Common Modifications

We have mentioned almost every feature of the YoWhatsApp application in above. So, here are the other remaining features which will allow you to edit the app interface for efficient use.

By using YoWA, You can
Modify theme.
Create mass broadcast for 600 people.
Use interactive and new emojis made by YoWhatsApp.
Copy WhatsApp status of contacts.
Send pictures upto 90 contacts at a time.
Block WhatsApp calling feature totally. Even for specific contacts.
Hide blue tick, double tick, last seen and online status.

There are a lot of unlocked features of WhatsApp which you can simply get access to by using the YoWhatsApp MOD Apk. If you want to access all the forbidden features of the original WhatsApp app, then you can go for the YoWhatsApp app. Also, don’t forget to share this article among your friends circle to let them know about such an awesome app. If you are having any queries about the app, feel free to comment below and we will get back to you.

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