5 Essential Tips For Improving the User Experience of your website

In a society dominated by the internet, it’s required to have a virtual footprint if you ever want a chance at a successful business. From running a personal blog to an e-commerce store or online magazine, everyone has a website nowadays, but how accessible is it really to your users?

Giving a great experience to your online consumers is an important part of being a reliable and easily accessible business. Anyone can create and maintain a website, but you won’t see much growth if you don’t put in a little bit of work to ensure every guest has an easy time navigating your pages.

#1 Mobile Compatibility

Did you know that 64% of Google searches are done on a mobile device? If your website isn’t fully optimized for mobile compatibility, you may be losing a lot of interest from the first click. Just because your site looks great on your Windows or Mac, doesn’t mean that it will translate so well on a smaller screen. Pull out your phone and give yourself a quick search! What do you think?

#2 What Is Your Audience Saying?

A lot of the time, if you listen, your consumers will tell you exactly what’s wrong. Everyone likes to be heard, so don’t make it a hassle to be contacted. Including updated contact information and actually paying attention to the emails or comments you receive regarding your site and any problems can be what changes the game for your business.

Just ask and you shall receive! If you’re really unsure of how to improve your website ability to welcome guests, contact some of your trusted consumers and ask, or post about it on a social media account. You’ll start a conversation and discover what works and what doesn’t!

One you have heard feedback and questions from your customers, you can start filling out your FAQ section. Because if one person asked this question, most of the time you can be sure more people are wondering same thing when researching your site, they just don’t ask it directly. The solution? Use HeroThemes solution to build knowledge base theme and you will have a dedicated portal for all questions and answers about your product or service that didn’t fit on your landing page or homepage.

#3 Revamp Your Design Directive

Sometimes, a change of pace can be a great thing. Hiring a design team to keep your website looking fresh and modern can help your guest experience immensely. Sure, it isn’t all about the aesthetics of your website, but people can’t help be drawn to the finer things in life.


While staying true to your brand and logo, don’t be afraid to try new things online. Maybe take a different approach to how your website is styled by switching hosts or themes or tweak your color choices. Sometimes, a full revamp can help a business lul and drum up new interest, too!

#4 Keeps Things Running Quick and Smooth

No one wants to wait a full minute for your webpage to load. You’re far less likely to get as many views if you allow your landing page to be bogged down with pop-ups, ads, or other background tools that give it a slow loading period.


Google has a series of tools you can use to check your website’s speeds and discover problems, streamline your content, and help compress your website into only the essentials that provide an easy, sleek transformation from one page to the next.

#5 Stay Visible!


Don’t let your business fade from the internet eye! Using social media accounts for marketing, updating a blog weekly, and including full contact information are great ways for keeping your presence online active. Brands that interact and are diligent with their updates and maintenance online have a better chance of improving their growth through virtual traffic, so keep checking your websites from a user’s point of view.

In a society where our noses are diving deeper into our electronics, it’s important to continue to be seen in the sea of a saturated market. This is where social media marketing and an excellent online presence come into play, but it all starts with a reliable website and landing page. The more time and care you give your website, the better the results will be!

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