Get Latest Updated Version Of Facebook Apps For Both iOS And Android

Facebook Apps is the best way to access facebook via your iPhone or Android phone or tablet. Today Facebook launched their latest updated version of Facebook Apps. I don’t whether Android version and iOS version are same but they updated it for both platform. 

Feature of New Facebook Apps 5.0 for iOS 

facebook 5.0 apps for iOS iPhone iPad
Latest Facebook Apps For iOS

1.Faster scrolling 
2.Easily open Photos and close it by just downward swip
3.Instant notification

Feature of New Facebook Apps for Android

new facebook apps for android
Latest Facebook Apps For Android

1.Easily make events
2. Faster photo Share option with a new upload flow
3.Add both photos and emotion to messages

So if you are thinking to download latest updated version of facebook apps for iPhone, iPad or Android device then click the bellow link

Free Download Facebook Apps for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad [iTunes link]
Free Download Facebook  Apps for Android Phone and Tablet [Google Play link]

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