How To Bring Back Aero Transparency Effect In Windows 8

If you love Windows 7 then there is a main reason that you love the aero effect or transparency effect. It gives you glossy glass finish , you just love to click an icon , drag etc. I am sure that Aero lover missing Aero effect in Windows 8 . Windows 8 does not have transparency or aero effect  and before launching Windows 8 we informed you about this.

Some people love this non transparency effect in Windows 8 and some people going back to Windows 7 to get back aero effect. Many people are very disappointed with this big change in Windows 8 by Microsoft. But where is a will there is a way. Yes now you can bring back transparency or aero effect in Windows 8. Mean you can enable transparency in Windows 8.

Enabling transparency or Aero effect is very easy , have a look –

Step 1: Download Aero8Tuner here
Step 2: Run Aero8Tuner as administrator
Step 3: Enable both “Enable Window Colorization” and “Force High Contrast Mode”

Step 4: Save and close ( you will get an unstable transparency)
Step 5: Download bLend here
Step 6: Run it as administrator and enable “Set all windows to be transparent” option.
Step 7: Set transparency level slider to the end i.e. 254

Step 8: Tick the checkbox “Start at system booting” and click on “Apply/Resume” .

Now your Aero or transparency effect is stable. So if you love transparency or Aero effect want it on your Windows 8 PC then this is the great way.

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