How To Get Android Like Pattern Lock On Your Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1 PC

Security is the one of the most vital things that you must use on your every gadget. And when it comes to gadgets we all have a Smartphone, hope you have an Android smart Phone. Then it’s sure that you set a pattern or a maze lock on your Android phone to make inaccessible among your friend or sister/brothers. Yea Pattern lock is really nice as you don’t need to enter the boring password. Just draw a pattern and unlock your device. And the best things of this kind of pattern or maze lock is it’s easier to remember pattern style than remembering a long tail password. When Windows 8 launch they just follow this and they introduce image lock in Windows 8. Though it’s nice for Windows 8 tablet user as touch screen gives you the actual feeling of unlocking. But what’s worse is this feature only for Windows 8 users and major Windows 7 users are missing this. Though Windows 7 users are missing this but Windows 8 users are still not happy with picture lock as its not like Android pattern or maze lock. So how to get Android like a maze or pattern lock feature or how to lock your Windows PC in Android Phone style Pattern Lock ? 

Pattern Lock For Windows PC

Maze Lock is the most awesome tool or software that gives the ability to lock your Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7/8/8.1 PC or Laptop in a Pattern lock style like Android Phone. So what is the benefit of this tool? Suppose you are working on  your PC and you need to leave your PC for a few minutes then just lock your PC using Maze lock so that nobody can spoil your work. And when your work is done just sit back infront your Desktop or Laptop and move your mouse to make the pattern to unlock.

Maze Lock

Have a look the nice feature of Maze :

1. Use Patterns to lock your PC
2. Use hot key or mouse for quick lock
3. Computer is idle ! It will automatically lock your PC
4. Lock your PC at Windows startup
5. Use your lock screen background or make it transparent
6. Make your own alert text to forbid
7. Use 3 types of build pattern 3×3, 4×4, 5×5
8. Backup your own pattern in case you forgot
9. Make alert by alarm or shutdown your PC if you make the wrong pattern more than 3 times
10.  Freeware and spyware free.

So if you really want to lock your Windows PC like Android phone pattern style the just download and install it.

Free Download Maze Lock For Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1 here

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