Kali Linux : Free Download Your New Penetration Testing OS

Kali Linux is the new name in the field of hacking and cyber security !. Everyday thousand of cyber security is compromised and cyber security researchers are working hard to make it stronger to break or hack. To know the flaw of any website of o software you have to know the proper way of penetration testing. Penetration testing or pentesting is method to know if some website is vulnerable to hack or not. And this is same for a windows software.  

Here I want to mention about a Linux distro BackTrack. Backtrack is one of the most favorite OS for hacker and cyber security researcher. You may ask what’s new in BackTrack ! Backtrack is debian type Linux distribution and comes with many many penetration testing tools. These penetration testing tools are the weapon for a hacker and shield for security researcher.

Kali is just redefined look of BackTrack. You can say it’s a rebirth of BackTrack. This is the new project by Offensive Security , creator BackTrack . Though Kali Linux and BackTrack are same type OS but have some difference in it. In Kali you will find those penetration tools those really work or unique type. 

To know the feature of Kali Linux click here

Free Download Kali Linux v1.0 from here

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