‘Kiosk Mode’ : The New Feature In Windows 8.1 Blue

According to the leaked information on Windows 8.1 Blue build 9374 Microsoft included a new feature called ‘Kiosk Mode’. As its a new feature in Windows 8.1 aka Blue everyone excited to know about ‘Kiosk Mode’. So what is ‘Kiosk Mode’ in Windows 8.1 ?

But first I will tell you how to open ‘Kiosk Mode’ in Windows 8.1 Blue ? It’s very simple just drag your mouse cursor to the right side of your PC screen to pop up charms bar now click on PC settings. Then hit users section to use it. 

So what actually does this ‘Kiosk Mode’? There are two features that you can use. The first feature is to lock down user accounts to allow for certain functionalities. The Second feature is to start or run a program on startup.

The first feature of ‘Kiosk Mode’ is like parental control , mean you can bound a user accessibility or make limitation. Like installing a new software apps etc. This feature is very good a parent before proving PC to your sons and daughters.

The second feature for office or business purpose. Mean if some kind of software that you use for regular office or business work then ‘Kiosk Mode’ will automatically launch that particular software on startup. 

So there are lots of things coming in Windows 8.1 Blue and this ‘Kiosk Mode’ feature is nice work by Microsoft.

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