MiniLyrics : How To Get Moving Lyrics Slide On Your PC Screen While Playing Music

If you are a English Music fan like me and also want that when you play a music you will automatically get the lyrics of that music then I have a best method or software for this. Before this When I need listen Music i go to some lyrics site to catch the lyrics with music, Now I just play the music and the lyrics automatically appear on my Laptop Screen like a magic. 

So what is the magic trick or method to show lyrics automatically according to your song on your computer screen? Its nothing but a small software called “MiniLyrics” . MiniLyrics is just awesome software to get lyrics automatically on your screen.

MiniLyrics support “Windows Media Player,iTune and Winamp Music Player and other. Its like a plugin but not really like that. When you play music via Windows Media Player , iTune or Winamp then this software MiniLyrics will automatically start and search the lyrics of that song accessing your internet connection and download it and show on your screen like slide show or moving show. Whatever you do in computer the lyrics will be on the top , mean you will see the moving lyrics sync with the played music just on your screen. So you will be able to see lyrics while you are working on your PC.

Using MiniLyrics is very easy just download and install and it will automatically setup with the music player ( Windows Music Player, iTune , Winamp) , You can also manually setup it if you are using any other media player. So if your PC connected to internet and you are playing music the lyrics will appear automatically.Best thing With MiniLyrics is it show those line which are playing on that moment , mean its fully synchronized with music player.If you feel its not sync then you can change it by clicking on search tab and choosing another lyrics of that song.

Download MiniLyrics here

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