YouTube8 : Best Free Windows 8 Metro Apps To Watch YouTube Video

If you love to watch YouTube video and You are using Windows 8 PC or tablet then YouTube8 is just best apps to search and Watch YouTube Video. 

YOUTUBE8 Windows 8 apps
The best thing of YouTube8 is free. You can easily search YouTube video using this apps and also watch these YouTube Videos via YouTube8
Best Windows 8 apps for youtube
Sometimes our browser got problem related to flash to play YouTube video or when you are watching a YouTube video using a browser , your browser may crash or other problem. For these kind of problem you have now a dedicated apps to search and play YouTube Video.
YouTube8 apps allow you to check Most View, Most Popular and Top rated video and more. Its as like as opening YouTube on browser. 
So If you Love YouTube and you have a Windows 8 PC or tablet then just grab YouTube8 Windows 8 Metro apps.
Free download YouTube8 Windows 8 Metro Apps
1:Just open Windows store from start screen
2:Type “Win Key+Q” and search “YouTube8”
3:Click to install to download 

Hope you like this Windows 8 apps for watching YouTube video. 
YouTube8 : Best Free Windows 8 Metro Apps To Watch YouTube Video
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