How to Access 300 Mbps Internet on 1 Mbps Connection

In the era of 4G and high-speed optical internet connection many of us still using a decent broadband connection. Where you can do all your daily needs but you can stream HD or Full HD video without buffer on Netflix, Hotstar and the Euro 2016 on Sony Liv. We all wish to get a high-speed internet connection where no buffering to watch streaming video including me. I have a broadband connection which is around 1 Mbps and it is not enough to stream HD videos and sometimes I get frustrated with my internet connection especially when I am watching some video on the internet. But you won’t believe that I have fixed this issue. Now I Access 300 Mbps Internet connection through my 1 Mbps broadband connection. Now I don’t need to wait for to load the video, no buffer just play and watch.

Access 300 Mbps Internet

You might be thinking I am talking rubbish. But it is true you can access 300 Mbps Internet connection from your decent broadband connection. You don’t need to be techy to change DNS or IP as shown in all those fake videos rounding on the Internet.

If you are thinking to download files using this 300 Mbps internet connection then you are making a mistake. You can access 300 Mbps Internet connection to surf the internet not for downloading as this is a remote desktop connection. Mean your remote PC has an internet connection of 300 Mbps which you can access by using your decent broadband connection.

How to Access 300 Mbps Internet on 1 Mbps Connection

  1. Open and Sign up for an account
  2. Verify your email
  3. Log in to Rabbit
  4. Once you logged in click on Go to my roomsScreenshot (241)
  5. Then click on Message OnlyScreenshot (242)
  6. Now hit on Rabbit cast Launchpad like thisScreenshot (243)
  7. Enter any URL that you want to surf
  8. A remote desktop connection will open
  9. You can make full screen but tapping on the three dots then selecting itScreenshot (244)
  10. Choose LD, SD or HD depending on your actual internet connectionScreenshot (247)

If you want to cross check this remote desktop has 300Mbps internet connection or not then open from there and check it. Sometimes its bellow the 300 Mbps but its enough high-speed. Whenever you feel that your actual internet taking too much time to stream a video just open it through rabbit and play the video in HD or FD mode.

Though its a nice way to Access 300 Mbps Internet connection through 1 Mbps connection remotely you can’t enjoy the Full HD fun. Moreover, if your actual internet speed is not that much you may not be able to set the HD, you have to switch between LD and SD. But then what’s the point to use it? There are many videos that takes too much time to load and buffers you can watch those video through Rabbit by compromising with the quality.

How to Access 300 Mbps Internet on 1 Mbps Connection
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