How To Automatically Backup Android App Whenever You Update

Are you an Android user then hope you know that you can backup your Android app APK file. As whenever you uninstall that app you don’t need to open Google Play Store if you have APK backup of that app. It saves your data package. And another reason for making backup your Android apps are, if you update some of your apps and found that this version is poorer than previous version then you can install that previous version of your backup apk file as Google Play does not provide previous version.

So there are plenty of reasons for making backup of your Android apps, and in the App market there are lots of apps for this. But I am going to introduce about an app by which you can backup Android apps automatically.

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Yup an app that can make APK backup of those apps which are installed on your Android phone or tab. Whenever you install an app from Google Play or from an APK file it automatically create backup. You don’t need to do that manually.

The second best thing about this app is whenever you update your apps from Google Play it just create APK back up in no time. So you don’t need to think about that your apps backup are updated or not. As soon as update your apps it automatically makes a backup.

But this app backup has an another good feature, like as you update your apps there is a chance that you have many APK backups of different version of a single app. But it’s not that much good as you don’t want to keep 5 or 10 version of the same apps. And manually deleting the old version is very dull. So what to do.

It also has a solution for this. You can set how many versions of a single app you want to keep. Like if I set two versions. Then it will keep the lasts two veriosn. And older version will be deleted automatically.

You can also set the schedule setting to make backup of your apps. It will create backup on that time. You can browse the folder where you want to keep the backups. It’s good to save in an external SD card.

Here is Quick setting guide that you must follow. Just open the apps and tap on setting and make changes like this given snapshot.

Automatically Backup Android App

So what is the app that I am talking about. Its name is Super Backup. And it’s free and small in size. Additional features about this Super Backup is you can make backup your call log file and contacts also.

I personally think this is an awesome app that every android yours should use it. And Thanks Aro for recommending this nice app.

So if you are using any other apps for app backup, then stop it and start using Super Backup.

Free Download Super Backup from here


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How To Automatically Backup Android App Whenever You Update

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