How to check your last Aadhaar Linked Bank Details

If you have multiple bank account and you have linked or seeded your Aadhar with all those bank ac then you might don’t know which bank account you have linked Aadhar last. In one word you might not know latest Aadhar seeded bank name or details. This may not be crucial for you but if you are an LPG customer and your LPG subsidy goes to your bank a/c then you should know that LPG subsidy goes to the last Aadhar seeded bank a/c. So its very important for you to know which bank account is linked with Aadhaar. There is a simple way to check this. The UIDAI has introduced a mobile-based method by which you can check the last AAdhaar linked bank ac.

In this method, you can check your last Aadhaar seed bank ac from any phone or mobile. You don’t need to use you Aadhaar linked phone for this purpose. It will cost you around 50 paise or ₹0.50 which will be deducted from the mobile balance. So here is the method.

  1. Dial *99*99# and make a call ( Not working from JIO SIM)
  2. You will get like this
  3. Type 1 and send
  4. Then enter your 12 digit Aadhaar number and send 
  5. It will ask for confirmation so check whether you have correct Aadhar number, if yes then type 1 and send
  6. Now it will show the last Aadhaar seeded Bank name like this.

The bad part of this is anyone can check you Aadhar linked Bank name if he has your Aadhaar number and the good part is it does not disclose Bank ac number also the other Aadhar seeded bank name or details for multiple bank a/c  holders. It just shows Bank name and the last seeded date. So go and check your last Aadhaar linked bank details.

How to check your last Aadhaar Linked Bank Details
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