Cloudflare Public DNS Fast with Privacy Alternative of Google DNS

If you have basic knowledge of networking or if you ever tried to configure your LAN or Wifi connection then you already know about DNS. DNS stands for Domain Name Server. When you browse the internet you just connect one PC to another PC and these connection done over the IP address. But you can remember these typical IP address to connect another PC or browse the internet.  What we do is just type a web address or URL or address bar in a browser. Here DNS system translates these URL to IP address so that computer can connect to another computer. And the most common use DNS in Google DNS that is But Cloudflare has launched a public DNS  on 1St April 2018.

This the first time Cloudflare has launched public DNS to make internet connection faster and privacy-friendly. According to them, this public DNS will offer faster browsing speeds and better privacy than other public DNS systems like Google, Yandex or Cisco.

In the era of social media, people are getting conscious about privacy. Here Cloudflare DNS offers good privacy. According to the company, it will not keep any IP details of querying system and system log wipe out process will be done in the in the interval of 24 hr.

So if you are really excited to try this Cloudflare Public DNS then you just need to your network settings and change the DNS values.

How to Change DNS or set-up Cloudflare DNS
  1. Go to Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Centre
  2. Click on your active Internet connection like this
  3. Click on Properties
  4. Now double click on Internet Protocol version 4(TCP/IPV4)
  5. Now chose “Use the following DNS server address” and put the values like this
  6. Prefered DNS and alternate DNS
  7. Once you have done just click on Ok and close all the open windows

If you have a router then you can do the same in router admin control panel. Where you will get Internet connection settings option. Just change the DNS values like this.

Final words give a try this Cloudflare Public DNS and check if you are satisfied with it otherwise you can roll back. But this DNS is privacy-focused, I will recommend you to use this DNS.

Cloudflare Public DNS Fast with Privacy Alternative of Google DNS
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