Firefox Is Coming With Awesome Redesign Look For Booth PC And Phone

Firefox Is Coming With Awesome Design Mockups Look For Booth PC And Phone .In the year 2011 we had see lots of updates from Mozilla Firefox they launched one by one update , but this time Firefox planning to make it large for year 2012.As they are going to introduce a new redesign.Though this major redesign concept is under process but it will make Mozilla Firefox as same as whether you are using it in PC , tab or Phone.Mozilla Firefox have main aim to make their browser more clean , useful and refreshing.
Mozilla Firefox Design Mockups For Phone
Mozilla Firefox Design Mockups For Tab
 This redesign UI or user interface will make you feel same for any platform like PC,Phone or Tab.You will love the soft curves in this new Mockups.Another element that make you love in design mockups UI is main menu, which is just a button and you can easily use it.
 Then next thing in this redesign is download panel ,the small button will show the process of download.The another small tweaks like forward button will make you love to use Mozilla Firefox.
 This redesign mockups concept is under process and we are expecting that this revamped UI will launched in the middle of this year 2012.
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