How To Free Download Original MTV Coke Studio Songs & Videos All Seasons

What touches your heart just by hearing is called Music. Music gives us energy, it makes our boring mood good within seconds. I love music a lot. Normally i like soft music and I am very much fan of the MTV Coke Studio program. It’s a really amazing show. Though I miss the show on MTV, but i tried to catch it on YouTube or try to download the songs of the MTV Coke Studio.

So if you are one of like me who loves MTV Coke Studio then I am going to tell you that whit some efforts you can grab the original copy of MTV Coke Studio Songs and Videos by Sony India Pvt. Ltd. for free. Moreover, you will get the whole collection of MTV Coke Studio Season 1, Season 2 and Season 3.

So how to free download original MTV Coke Studio MP3 and videos for all the seasons 1, 2, 3. You have to just follow a few steps. Before going for the procedure I have to tell you that you need a Windows 8 PC with good internet connection for this. Yup, its can be only done from Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 Laptop or PC. If you ask me why? Then answer is you need to download a Windows 8 app for this.

Here are the steps to free download MTV Coke Studio Songs and Video original copy.

Step 1: Open your Windows 8 app store and search “CokeStudio @MTV” on your Windows 8/8.1 PC

Step 2: Download and install the apps

Step 3: Now run the “CokeStudio @MTV” aaps

Step 4: You will see all those songs and videos categorized by Season 1, Season 2 and Season 3

Step 5: Click on the songs or Videos that you want to download

Download Songs from CokeStudio @MTV


Step 6: After complete of download you can play those songs or video from this app, but how to get those MP3 file or Video file ?

Step 7: Now just visit this directory to get those MP3 files or Video files that you downloaded.


Like for me this directory was

C:\Users\Sam Fisher\AppData\Local\Packages\SonyMusicEntertainmentInd.CokeStudioMTV_w9r33hv10ar66\LocalState


Now you can send those MP3 or Video file to your mobile or move to your favorite folder or even share these awesome musics to your friend or family.


At the end of all these download if you ask me why these mp3 files or Video files are original or genuine, then I have to tell you that this “Coke Studio @MTV” app for Windows 8 PC developed by Sony India Pvt. Ltd. So its 100% genuine.

So its a nice and authentic way to get all those original copies of MTV Coke Studio songs and videos at once. Hope you have got an idea to grab original copies of MTV Coke Studio songs and video. If you face any problem, just comment here. Thanks. Keep listing good music.


How To Free Download Original MTV Coke Studio Songs & Videos All Seasons
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