Gallery Doctor – Phone Cleaner Android App: Automatically Mark Bad Photos And Delete

Smartphone become the new generation digi cam, hardly people carry their digicam as Smartphone now capture a shot same as digi cam even more better. 8MP camera become very common for any entry level Android smartphone. If you love to take shot on your Android phone then I am pretty much sure that your Android Phone has too much bad shot or same photos as its quite natural that every shot will not be awesome even you use some photography app. And the result is your Android Phone memory filled up with those junk photos heavily as the more Megapixel camera you have the more the size of your single shot.



To solve this problem I came to know a quite nice Android App name Gallery Doctor – Phone Cleaner. Gallery Doctor – Phone Cleaner automatically scan your phones internal or external memory to check how much bad quality photos you have and how much similar type photos you have so that you can delete those bad or similar type photos after reviewing it.

So how does Gallery Doctor – Phone Cleaner really works ?

Gallery Doctor uses MyRoll’s Gallery Curation Engine (GCE) and Machine Learning to mark unwanted photos like Blurry shots, Dark photos, Photos with poor quality and the Similar photos.

The smart feature of this Gallery Doctor – Phone Cleaner is it learns what photos your like and don’t like automatically based on your activity as what photos you delete and keep.

How to use Gallery Doctor – Phone Cleaner on Your Android Phone?

Using Gallery Doctor – Phone Cleaner is very easy. Just download and install this free app on your Android device and open it. It will scan all the photos one by one. Based on my experience it takes more than 10 minutes to scan all the photos in my Lenovo P780.

Gallery Doctor – Phone Cleaner Android app

After the scan complete you will see which photos are similar type ,which are bad photos and which photos need your review. Chose any group and delete those that you don’t wanted.

You can clean the whore group but that will be stupid action as sometimes Gallery Doctor – Phone Cleaner detects some awesome night shot as bad photos and some poor photos it considering as nice photo. So don’t delete without reviewing.

Gallery Doctor – Phone Cleaner Android App is a nice app to clean your storage upto 32% and its a good practice to use it weekly. So I will recommend you to give a try this app and comments your after use experience.

Free Download Gallery Doctor – Phone Cleaner Android App here

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