Google Added PayPal Support On Google Play Store v4.8.19

Google has released their next version of Google Play store APK v4.8.19. The big thing in this version is Google added PayPal support and bigger header some UI modification. But hardly you able to notice it. The same light green UI is present in this Google Play v4.8.19.


But I am pretty happy with this new version of Google Play Store APK 4.8.19. May be there is not major changes in the UI, but PayPal inclusion is a big step for them. Still now you can only be able to buy products from Google Play via your Google Wallet. Though you just need a credit card for it. I tried many times with my debit card, but it fails and then I used my credit card to set up my Google Wallet.

Now with the PayPal inclusion in Google Play Store v4.8.19, it’s become more easy to shopping in Google Play Store. As PayPal is one of the most trusted online shopping gateway.


So if want to use your PayPal account to buy apps, games, movies or book on Google Play store, then upgraded your previous Google Play Store to Google Play Store v4.8.19. Just hit the free download link and install on your Android device.


Free Download Google Play Store v4.8.19 Here

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