Grammarly, The Best Grammatical Error Correction Tool

Are of one of those who afraid to write something on English in Social media or whenever you write something your friends point out your grammatical mistake then you have only two solutions for this. Either improve your English Grammar or install Grammarly on your PC. Yes, Grammarly. You have heard well. Grammarly is Grammatical Error Correction Tool or a software which detects your grammatical mistake, spelling mistake and correct it also improve the sentence structure so that it can be read easily. Now you will say that Microsoft Office has this facility to correct Grammar and spelling mistake then why we need Grammarly?


Suppose you are writing a blog post, making a status update or even writing an official mail and if you make the grammatical mistake while writing these then you can imagine what will be your poor impression from readers side. This can hamper your professional life. You just need a Grammatical Error Correction Tool so that you can write confidently. Grammarly the solution to be confident while typing something like an article, official mail or a social media post.  Moreover, if you are enough confident about your English skill still you need this as for a safety purpose.

Features Of Grammarly

Grammarly’s algorithm uses 250 types advance grammatical rules that can easily detects any kind of Grammatical mistake which Microsoft Word Can’t. Not only it detects errors but also show a wide range of solution so that you can choose according to your sentence. Optimize your sentence by replacing a word with its synonyms. The best part of Grammarly is it shows what types of grammatical mistake you have done so that you can improve your English also.

Free Grammarly Extension for Firefox & Chrome

When it comes to usability Grammarly offer a free extension for both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome so that you can correct your Grammatical mistake on a browser. You don’t need to copy text from browser and paste somewhere else. Just install the extension on your Firefox or Chrome browser and sign in Grammarly account. Grammarly extension works perfectly on any web page like you are making a comment on Facebook or writing a blog post on WordPress. If you think that for some website it is better to disable Grammarly feature

If you think that Grammarly is quite annoying for some particular site or you don’t need on that website then you can easily disable it. To do that just open that website and click on the Grammarly icon and disable “Check for Grammar and Spelling on“. Using the same technique, you can enable or disable “Show definition and synonym via Double click

Screenshot (133)


Free Grammarly Add-on for Microsoft Word

Grammarly does not stop by providing free extension but also a free add-on for our beloved Microsoft Word. Download and install the Microsoft add-on on your PC. Once you have installed, you will see a Grammarly option on your Microsoft Word. Enable it and you’re done. Grammarly will start its activity to check contextual errors, usage of articles, verb/subject agreement, sentence formation, adjective/adverbs usage and punctuation mistakes which are not available in Microsoft Office.


Apart from these great features, I would recommend you to try this Grammatical Error Correction Tool, soon you will realize how useful is this tool. If you are a normal user then you can use the free version of Grammarly but if you ran an organization or business then I would recommend grabbing the premium subscription which offers more than 250 grammar checking rules and many more. New and free grammar checker on try it now!

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Grammarly, The Best Grammatical Error Correction Tool
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