Guide to Download and Play Hay Day on PC

If you are looking to know all about this game called Hay Day, then you have come to the right place.  You know by now it is one of the popular games nowadays. The main theme of the game is farming and it can easily be used on mobile phones, tablets and PC.

You will find that and it has topped the rank in about hundred and twenty two companies which I may assert is quite a good record.

I have tried to put together for my reader, everything they need to know about HAY DAY. In order to play the game, the gamers, of course, has to download it first. So, here are the steps for you;

Ways to Download Hay Day

  • For the PC users it’s very important that they first download Bluestacks as it is from their Hay Day can be downloaded in the computer.
  • To download Bluestacks you need to search in the search engine and download the program. After downloading you just need to install the program which is very easy as you just have to press ‘Continue’ and ‘Next’ as the boxes pop up. If you already have Bluestacks then just leave this step. Your task has become one step easier!
  • After downloading Bluestack or opening the already downloaded Bluestacks you needed to search for the game and type Hay Day in the search box which will lead you to the search result and the opinions Hay day will come.
  • After this you have to just click on the Install button after the accepting the terms and condition. It is suggested that users read the users and conditions once as it is always advisable. It is very easy. If you are an Android phone user and have familiarity with Play Store then downloading it will be no difficult job for you. If you get stuck anywhere, you can always check up with this article of mine.

How to Play Hay Day on PC

Here in this section, I have chalked out some of the step/tips that you must keep in mind while playing the game. These steps are important to follow as it will prevent you from paying in the game. It is always advisable to play the game without playing for it. I believe most of the players want to advance in the game without paying much.

  • The first step is to not run out of seed crops. The gamers will be tempted to plan out all the seeds but is advisable not to use all the seeds as soon as possible. The seeds will be required for further use especially when the size if the farm holdings keeps on enlarging.
  • When you play the game there will be certain plants that would be slow growing. It is suggested that the users should plant the slow growing games at night time or better during the work hours.
  • When you are building up your farmland there will be visitors who will come to buy something from you. It is highly likely that they are not going to put a good price for your products. Do not give in to their offers of it is not generous. They will be coming back later in the game and you reconsider their offer later.
  • In order to lay safe and advance further in the game the gamers are suggested that they use the roadside stand assigned to them for the purpose of filling up their coffers.
  • Just as has been mentioned above about the visitors, learn to say no to orders.
  • It is suggested that the users try to balance the money they earned with the experience gained in the game.
  • Before playing the game these step may seem hard to comprehend. But once you get the better grip of the game these steps will come handy and help you to advance well in the game.

Things you should know – Hay day

The game is a favorite in many countries and through this game you will be learning many things about land and farming which will be interesting for you have knowledge of. Through this game you will learn to lay the land as well tend the crops.

There are animals and change of season which makes the game lovely and the users are attracted to the colorful graphics of the game. The game was designed by Supercell. Initially it was released only for the iOS software later in the year 2013 there was also an Android version of it got released.

For hay day>  check the tutorial here and get your total fill for Hay Day.

The game had reached soaring popularity and it reached the fourth position in terms of revenue. With the popularity gaining heights the company has made several changes in the game and made it more detailed and interesting so that the users will be more thrilled to play the game. Hope this article was of help to you and you will download the game play it like a pro.

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