Hoichoi Downloader: Watch or Download Hoichoi Video for Free

A couple of months ago I had published a post on how to download video from Hoichoi Tv website. But that trick does not work anymore. Many people commented on that post to give some working method to download video from Hoichoi. Finally, I have come across a tool that can really download video from Hoichoi tv website for free without any subscription. You don’t need to search for torrent any other website to download Hoichoi video. Moreover, you can use this tool to watch live stream without downloading the video.


Hoichoi Downloader is the best solution to download web series or movies from Hoichoi TV without any subscription. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist. Hoichoi Downloader is as simple as like YouTube Video Downloader. If you can download video from YouTube whether in 4K or 8K resolution then you can download video from Hoichoi using this Hoichoi Downloader. But here you can download Hoichoi video in three formats like 270p, 360p and 720p.

So how to download Hoichoi web series or movies using Hoichoi Downloader?

  1. Download Hoichoi Downloader from the download link given at the end of the post
  2. Install Hoichoi Setup 1.0.1.exe on your PC. Windows may give a warning but you need to force install.
  3. Run the Hoichoi TV
  4. Now you just need to search the web series or movies that you want to watch or download
  5. Once you have got, you can hit the download link or watch it.
  6. You can’t pause the download process and it will not show how much downloaded. (Bug of this software)
  7. You can guess the download process by the taskbar icon of Hoichoi TV
  8. Once the mp4 has been downloaded you can play the file through your media player like VLC.

Hoichoi Tv downloader is a great and awesome working tool and method to download Hoichoi videos. This software is still under development and we expect the version2 will have download bar so that we can pause or resume download process. So watch or download Hoichoi video for free without any subscription pack.

Download Hoichoi Tv Downloader

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Hoichoi Downloader: Watch or Download Hoichoi Video for Free
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