How To Activate WhatsApp Calling Feature

WhatsApp finally rolling out the WhatsApp Calling feature. There were too much rumor about it, but finally you can get WhatsApp calling feature on your Android smartphone. The WhatApp calling feature will allow you to call your WhatsApp friends via internet. Just like voice calling in Wechat. But WhatsApp calling is more elegant than Viber or WeChat voice call. Voice quality is great, you will feel that you are calling on your normal calling mode. You just need a decent internet connection for this. After launching the WhatsApp Web this is the great feature that WhatsApp introduce.




WhatsApp Calling

The UI of this WhatsApp Calling is really nice. Calling any WhatsApp contact is as easy as dial a number. But there are some restriction like if that you can only call those WhatsApp contacts whose WhatsApp is updated.

So if you are thinking to get WhatsApp calling feature on your Android Phone or activate WhatsApp Calling feature then just follow the how to guide.

How To Activate WhatsApp Calling Feature On Android Phone

NOTE: WhatsApp calling servers are open now. Hurry!

Step 1: Go to Google Play store and update your WhatsApp Version 2.12.5

Step 2: Now you will see calling feature. Only update WhatsApp from Google Play and make sure you have WhatsApp 2.12.5. If you have a higher version than this then uninstall it and install from Google Play.


Now you don’t need to receive any call to activate WhatsApp calling. In case if you face a problem, then just comment here.

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Enable WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature On Android

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