How To Remove Password Protection From PDF Files

If you have e-Adhar PDF file then you should know that every e-Adhar PDF file is password protected and the password is the address PIN code of the owner. Its nice that its password protected, but for your personal use its very awkward to enter password every time you need to open the PDF file. Not only e-Adhar PDF, there are lots of PDF files which are password protected like financial PDF or an ebook. So if you are really frustrated with those password protected PDF then I am going to tell you that you can remove password protection from PDF file like e-Adhar PDF.

Removing password protection from a PDF file is not cracking the PDF. It’s just a way to create a copy of that real PDF which does not require any password to open that PDF file.

So you must know the password of the PDF file that you want to remove password protection from it and you also need Google Chrome browser installed on your PC. Here is a step by step guide to password protection from PDF files.

How To Remove Password Protection From PDF Files

Step 1: Open Google Chrome Browser

Step 2: Drag and drop the PDF file on Google Chrome browser

remove password pdf

Step 3: Now you need to enter the password to open

Step 4: Just enter the password

remove password pdf 2

Step 5: Wait for load the PDF completely

Step 6: Now go to the File menu in Google Chrome and choose Print (or press Ctrl+P on Windows or Cmd+P on Mac).

remove password pdf 3


Step 7: Set the destination  as “Save as PDF” and click the Save button.

remove password pdf 4




Now Google Chrome will save your PDF file in Desktop without password protection. If you open this PDF via Adobe reader or Google Chrome it will not ask password.

Go and try this to remove password protection from your password protected PDF file. By the way Happy Holi!! 🙂

How To Remove Password Protection From PDF Files
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