How To Stop Yourself By Tracking From Google,Facebook And Twitter

Facebook , the second famous word that starts with “F” and ends with “K”.Facebook is not just a social media but its become more than in our daily life.We share our view , upload photo and chat with our friend and sometime we got very good information via Facebook and twitter.Where ever we go we will see in every single site have a like button or their fan page or follow me on twitter and now Google plus button.Its not end we can also use our Facebook, Google and Twitter profile to sign up in a website.Its save our time to fill up the same boring form.But other point of view to say that its bad to use Facebook connect or Google and same as for Twitter as its track you in cyber world.There are some other site that they also track ,read this article to know which websites are tracking you or how you are tracking on the internet.

Stop Yourself By Tracking

So I am going to tell you what is web tracking? When you connect our PC or Mac we just enter into cyber world and having Facebook profile where we share our all info from when we woke up or have you a RDR.Think you just open you browser and open Facebook or Twitter page in one tab and other tab we all open our favorite site whether is a Movie or song download site or a hacking site even you sometimes open porn site.So its all depend on you which site you want to visit and no one spy on you if you PC is not victim of RAT, RAT is Remote Administrative Tool or a trozan that hacker place your PC to spy or track on you.But recent in few years where piracy become hot topic US govt and other want to spy or track on people and Google, Facebook and Twitter are one of those who help US govt. to tracking on the internet

I am talking about tracking on internet , but what is web tracking ? As I says when you open your browser you don’t know which site you will visit.From on site to another then other and goes on.But if you open website of all kaida or terrorist site then threre is a question mark why you frequently open that site.May be some kind of reason that US govt spy on US.And Facebook and Google is two big hand of US govt and Twitter also.Few months Google already caught as they were tracking on us in Safari browser bypassing P3P.Whenever you visit some website and if the website use Facebook,Google or Twitter connect to sing up on that website then Facebook, Google or Twitter is notified that you are visiting that site.Do you think its very illegal that Facebook,Google or Twitter is tracking on which site you are visiting.

For my point of view we all have privacy and we don’t want that someone track on us and I suggest every people that they should disable Facebook,Google or Twitter tracking.So how to stop tracking from Google,Facebook or Twitter the webpages you visits or how to disable Facebook tracking as you are tracking on the internet.

Ans is very simple you have to just download and install a extension for Google Chrome called Facebook Disconnect, Google Disconnect and Twitter Disconnect for stop tracking from Facebook,Google and Twitter respectively.These three extension will Stop tracking the webpages you go to.Its disable or turn off the flow of data to Facebook, Google as well as Twitter.Facebook,Google and Twitter Disconnect blocks all traffic from third-party sites to Facebook,Google and Twitter servers respectively but still allow you access these site.

So just visit this Page from Google Chrome of Safari Browser and click the Get Facebook Disconnect as well as Google and Twitter also or you can use the bellow link to Download from Chrome Web store.

Download Facebook Disconnect here
Download Google Disconnect here
Download Twitter Disconnect here
Download Disconnect here to Stop major third parties including Google, Facebook and Twitter and some search engines from tracking the webpages you go to and searches you do.
So tell your friend about this so that they can protect themselves from web tracking or how they are tracking tracking on the internet.

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