How To Update Windows 8 Metro Apps

How To Update Windows 8 Apps. When Android being popular by its huge number of apps then Microsoft bring apps for Windows 8. When Officially Windows 8 Consumer Preview launched people just love metro style apps and hate why start button missing ,though you can bring start button back. But the main thing makes difference from its previous version Windows 7 is its metro style and apps. You may thing its not mobile then why are we calling it apps ,I think like mobile apps these consume low memory and low CPU usage.This metro apps are are just wow, looks great new type of  user interface. Do you know that if you start a metro apps then you can’t close it , you can only close it by Alt+F4 or via Task manager. Don’t know why Microsoft do this.But the main thing i was talking is about metro apps , like all software or apps update by time when it developer provide new update to make it more smooth more nice. In one word you should update any type apps or software that you are using , even you should update yous Windows , may be genuine or pirated.So how do we update Windows 8 apps ?

I am telling you the simple steps to update windows 8 metro apps that you should follow 

Step 1.Click on Start Menu 
Step 2.Now click on Store 

Step 3.Now Click on Update at the Right-Up corner , this will show if the update is available of the apps that are installed 

Step 4.Now chose which app you want to update or select all 
Step 5.Now click on Install.

Now Windows will automatically download the update and install it. so keep update windows 8 apps.

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