How To Install TWRP Custom Recovery In Lenovo P780

If you have rooted your Lenovo P780 and thinking to install custom ROM, then you must change your stroke recovery to custom Recovery. TWRP is one of the well know custom recovery. I know a question is arising in your mind What is custom Recovery? Lets make it easy for you. Have you ever tried to install OS on your PC or Laptop? What you do is insert a Windows 7 or xyz DVD/CD and restart your PC. And on the boot screen you see “press any key to boot” and you just processed by pressing a key.

If you never see the press any key to boot on your screen will you be able to install new OS on your device? I think No!

I think you all know how to access BIOS in your Laptop or Desktop, same like you can access BIOS of Android which is called Recovery. For this you need to hold some special key and its vary device to device. If you access your Recovery in Android you will see its like some kind of BIOS of PC with lots of options as well as a factory reset option.

But  in normal condition the Recovery menu does not allow you to install a new third party Android OS or ROM, know as Custom ROM.

That’s why we need to change that recovery or stock recovery to a such recovery, which allow us to install Custom ROM. TWRP is one kind of Recovery that allow us to install custom ROM.

So to install a Custom ROM, first we need to install Custom Recovery like TWRP. This process is also known as updating stock recovery to Custom Recovery.

Now lets come into action. We are going to install TWRP custom Recovery or change stock recovery to TWRP recovery. Here it is..

Note: This method is for Lenovo P780 Row Device (4Gb & 8G) , Not Chinese Version!

Step 1: Make sure your Lenove P780 is rooted otherwise root your Lenovo P780

Step 2: Download TWRP_v2.7.1.2_P780_ROW here

Step 3: Now unzip the above downloaded file.

Step 4: You will get twrp_recovery.img, just keep the file on SD Card. ( Not in any folder Just on sd card)

Step 5: Now install Mobile Uncle tool from Google Play store here

Step 6: Open it with Root permission (Make sure data connection and wifi off)


Step 7: Then press on recovery update option in the mobile uncle tool


Step 8: It will show twrp_recovery.img in SD card


Step 9: Just press on the Recovery file and you will like this bellow



Step 10: Then press on will be on twrp recovery. You will a option whether you want to go to Recovery mode or not. Select Ok to go in Recovery mode and see is TWRP properly installed or not.



Now you have successfully updated your stock recovery to twrp_recovery.

For the next time you want to access your recovery mode in Lenovo P780 just shut down your mobile and then press and hold Power + Volume Up + Volume Down these three button together until it vibrate and boot. I will recommend you to use Rebooter App or Mobile Uncle Tool to access recovery mode. As pressing all these three key is not easy. And if you made some mistake like  pressing Power + Volume Up move us to factory mode and Power + Volume Down move us to meta mode. Now you can install Custom ROM.

How To Install TWRP Custom Recovery In Lenovo P780
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