Is your phone charging slow? Check the charging speed

Sometimes we left our phone plugging it on charger and after a few hours we came and watch that our phone has hardly charged a percentage. We got shocked whether we have turned on the switch it or not and check the USB cable whether it has a loose connection or not. But everything is ok but still, your phone is not properly charging.

Recently I have faced this problem with my Redmi 5A so I though to share my experience. I have left my Redmi 5A overnight for charging but when I woke up in morning I just took up the phone and astonished with the battery percentage. I have realized that something wrong. Redmi 5A does not have fast charging support still this much slow charging speed not acceptable. I have tried my 2A charger to charge it but still taking a long time to charge.

So how to check the charging speed? Is it charging properly or what is the recommended charging speed. Then I came to know about an app name Ampere. Yes the Ampere’s circuit law. No no just kidding. Ampere is an app for android phone to measure the intake current for charging. To check your phone charging speed or intake current you just need to install the app on your android phone and then put your phone on charge.

Once you have opened the Ampere app while charging your phone it will show real-time mA current intake by the device. Though its, not the actual value still it can help you to get a reference point. Like Redmi 5A travel adaptor comes with 1A output current. But in Ampere app, I was getting nearly 10-20mA value in my Redmi 5A. 

So 20mA charging speed is not expected. So I change the USB cable and watched that my phone is now charging properly. 

You can see that after changing the USB cable I am getting around 700mA current which is expected. So if you want to check your phone properly charging or not the try this app. Here I have also tried this app on my Le Max 2 which comes with fast charging 2.0. For Le Max 2 I am getting 1400mA charging speed which is nice in respective of adaptor output 2.0A.



Is your phone charging slow? Check the charging speed
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