Meet The Official Website of Digitize ‪India‬ and Become a Digital Volunteer

After taking the helm of India, Narendra Modi-PM of India has launched so many nice projects, whether its Guinness World Records making “Jan Dhan Yojna” or enhancing the digital power of India or Project “Digital India”.  Digital India is a new initiative of  the Modi Government to connect people of India and all government departments digitally such that Government services easily accessible to Indian Citizen electronically. Today this Digital India project takes its step in the digital world by launching Official Website of Digitize India. The digital India website is created as crowd sourcing based platform, where any citizen of India generates some money by providing some services.

Official Website of Digital India

At first look Digital India Official Website looks great like a big commercial website. The main purpose of this website is giving you a chance to become digital volunteer and empowered. You just need a computer and internet connection so that you can be part of it from anywhere and earn just by participating in various projects run by government agencies. That’s why our PM Narendra Modi said

Digital India is our dream for the nation. When I say ‘Digital India’ it is not meant for the rich but for those who are poor.

So if you are thinking to earn some money via Digital India then you should know how it works.

For this purpose you have to register on this website and for this registration, you must be an Indian Citizen having Aadhaar Card. As this site still under beta phase I will not recommend you to register now as I have tried still not received the temporary password via email.

After successful registration you will get assessment depending upon your capability. You can test your skill, speed and performance also.

Now you need to submit the data depending upon your assignment. After submission you track  whether it’s accepted or rejected. For each successful data submission you will be rewarded.

Still, there are many confusion not cleared as what type the assignment will be and how the reward will be given. Hope in the coming days they will clear all these confusions. Just right now you can wait for the launch the stable version of this website.

Meet The Official Website of Digitize ‪India‬ and Become a Digital Volunteer
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