Mozilla Firefox 64 bit For Windows Launched: Download Now

Finally, Mozilla Firefox for Windows joined the 64 bit club. This is the first time Mozilla added the 64 bit browsing support with Firefox Windows. With this launch Mozilla keeps its leg in the 64 bit browsing world where Internet Explore and Google Chrome already offer 64 bit browser for Windows. Mozilla previously launched 64-bit browser for Mac OS X and Linux and Windows user have been waiting for the 64-bit version since that time. Now Windows user can try the 64-bit browsing experience with Mozilla Firefox.





If you are thinking what’s special in 64 bits Mozilla Firefox, then logic is simple. Like your Windows has two editions either 32bit or 64 bit and 64 bit windows can access properly 4 GB RAM or more than 4 GB while 32 bits can’t same as a 64 bit Mozilla Firefox browser has the ability to address high memory RAM. Mean with the high memory you will get faster and smoother browsing experience.

Not only the access or high memory, 64 bit Mozilla Firefox can speed up javascript code the new hardware registers and instructions that’s are not available in a 32 bit version. According to Mozilla this 64 bit version javascript performance from 8% to 17%.

Mozilla has not disclosed anything related to launch date of stable version of 64 bit Mozilla Firefox.  This developer version of 64 bit Mozilla Firefox is v38 while the last stable version is v36. But if your PC has 4 GB or more than 4GB RAM, then its better to install this 64 bit Mozilla Firefox just uninstalling the previous version from your PC. You can download 64 bit Mozilla Firefox in different language. Though this is a developer edition, but we can expect that stable version will launch soon and the Mozilla Firefox OS will also be launched in 64 bit soon

Mozilla Firefox 64 bit For Windows Launched: Download Now
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