How To Send Facebook Messages Without Installing Messenger App

How many of you are frustrated with Facebook messenger app? Its very annoying. And the most pathetic part is Facebook recently makes it mandatory to use their messenger app to send message from Facebook apps. First they ask you or request you to install Facebook messenger app which you can neglect and send message via Facebook Apps. But a few days you will see that you are unable to send message without installing Facebook messenger.

So you are forced to use Facebook messenger app. After installing you will realize that it is nothing but shit. As when you will try to send message from Facebook Apps the Facebook messenger will pop up and its laggy. Sometime it just not apper. Lots of bug. In one word not smooth.  I will say that linking two apps is  a very bad idea. And if you have a low end Phone then I am sure that you will throw your phone.


So how to send message via Facebook Apps without using Facebook Chat Messenger or How to use Facebook message Without installing Messenger App?

Step 1: Uninstall Facebook Chat messenger if you already installed it.

Step 2: Click here to download this APK

Step 3: Just install this APK (Make sure you have Unknown sources enabled from device settings)

Now send message via Facebook Apps without installing Facebook chat messenger. Mean there will be no notification from Facebook requesting you to install Facebook messenger.

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