Show Box APK : Best way to watch free movie and TV series

If you are a movie freak and TV series as well which is quite normal these days then  I would suggest don’t waste time on torrent search and download process if you have a decent internet connection. Moreover you don’t need to open your Laptop or PC to watch as you can enjoy free stream movies and TV series on your Android device. Today I am going to talk about an awesome app which is not available in Google Play store and its Show Box.

Show Box is a library of your entertainment. Show Box is an android app which will open the door of you entertainment. You don’t need to pay any bucks as like a Netflix subscription or Amazon Prime video.  Its free to watch movies and TV series. Not only this you can download the content also.

The UI of Show Box is well organised and smooth. Once you open it it will pop up if any updated version available or not, if available I would recommend you to update it. On the home screen Show Box has of option like Movie News, where you can catch article about latest movie and the same applicable to TV news.  Another section is trailers, where you can watch latest movie and TV series trailers. In Movie and TV Series categories you can slide for trending one or you can search for you desired one.

In Show Box its very easy to play a movie or TV Series. If you go for TV Series you can toggle between available seasons and episodes. Show Box offers you to stream in 360p, 480p and 720p. So try according your internet connection. You can also download the content also in Show Box. Download method is same as torrent.

Show Box also has subtitle functionality, by default subtitle set to none. You just need to tap on three dot and choose the subtitle language. There are many language available. Some subtitle don’t sync with video and there is no fix for it unless you change the player to VLC and do it manually.

As we talk about player, Show Box has the option to change the player to stream, by default it set to none which causes dim the display in my phone Le Max 2. So I have set the player to Android Player and the problem fixed. So I would suggest you to set the player to Android Player.Show Box player

Final verdict about this app is great for your android device and enjoy movies, TV series on your Phone. I feel 720p content could have been more great. Last its free and you don’t need any subscription to pay. Just search, stream and enjoy.

Download Show Box APK 4.9 : Google Drive Link


Show Box APK : Best way to watch free movie and TV series
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