Use Payzippy To Make Your Online Shopping Payments Safe & Easy

There was a time when people love to go outside for shopping but in last  3-4 years  Online shopping become viral in India. Though Amazon, eBay was always there but Indian people was not convenient to buy a things Online. There was some dull thinking that if the site does not send product after payments. And what happens if then knew my card no and PIN. Alongside Indian people does not like to go Amazon as most Indian people still does not have a credit card. All they have a debit card, which does not accept in many sites. So online shopping for Indian people was a complex method.

I can remember those days when Flipkart was famous for selling books online. Flipkart is The giant online shopping site of India like Amazon. Then first Flipkart changes the thinking of people and fear about online shopping like payments etc. They launched cash on delivery or COD. This trick works and people love to make online shopping. Then people started to make payments using their bank ATM card or Internet banking. And this became a viral. Now people buy everything from online.

Then a problem arises! The problem is when you are making huge amount of online shopping you don’t like to put the card detail and billing address every time you make shopping. Yea its a very boring job. And if you have multiple card then its very bad. 🙁

Payzippy is the solution for Indian people who love to make online shopping payments easy and safe. It’s one kind of PayPal. Not only PayPal and much more. Payzippy is founded by Flipkart and its Online Payments Gateway service.

Payzippy Flipkart

So how to use Payzippy?

First create an account on Payzippy then add your debit or credit card detail. Don’t need to put CCV no. Then verify your mobile no. You can add multiple card. In the profile section put your proper address etc. Now you have done.

So how make payments using Payzippy?

Suppose you are making online shopping and you have added your favorite items in your cart. Now when you will go the payments section you have to select any Payment methods like Cash on delivery, Net Banking, Debit card or Credit card. And you will find another payment making option Payzippy. Just you have to select Payzippy to make payments using Payzippy.



Now you have to either put your CCV or PIN no of your Card. So its easy to make payments using Payzippy.

Though still now Payzippy Payment option is available on this website-BabyOye,  BlueStone,  Flipkart,  JustEat,  LensKart,  MakeMyTrip,  YepMe,  Travelyaari,  Trendin,  Zansaar

But still its a great Payment gateway for Indian people. Don’t need to carry cards and put in the details.

Is Payzippy safe and secure? 

Yea Payzippy saves your card detail in encrypted format. And PayZippy build by Flipkart so you can trust in it.

N.B- Now you can get an awesome gift voucher and cashback on these websites if you make payments using Payzippy. For more detail visit Payzippy website.

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