WhatsApp Launched its Web Version, Do WhatsApp From PC

If you search in internet how to do WhatsApp in PC then you will get lots results about how to guide where the main way to do WhatsApp in PC is install bluestack or something like that will allow you run Android app in PC. Blustacks is one kind of emulator to run Android App in Windows.

But now you don’t need to do that kind of techy job. WhatsApp finally launched its web version where you can chat from web browser in PC, whether Windows or Mac OS X or Linux. Previously there was  a rumor that WhatsApp was working on its Web version as it is high demand to do WhatsApp from PC. Many user saod that its very annoying when you are working on your PC like Facebook or web browsing but you need to pick up your phone to reply your friend on WhatsApp.

May be that’s why WhatApp extended its service and add PC or Computer such that people can access or chat in WhatsApp from PC. Mean While you are working on PC you don’t need to pick up your Phone to do WhatsApp. WhatsApp Web is then new name of this service. Basically WhatsApp Web allow you to do WhatsApp from Web Browser provided you have WhatsApp account on your Phone. As whenever you want to do WhatsApp from PC you need your WhatsApp installed Phone to log in. Mean Without your Phone you will not able to do WhatsApp Web.

So how to access WhatsApp from PC or Computer without installing such blustack type thirdparty software?

Step 1: Go to play Store and update your WhatsApp with Latest version here

Step 2: Install latest version of Google Chrome web browser on your PC, if your PC already installed Google Chrome the uninstall it and then install the latest version.

Download Goggle Chrome Latest Version Here

Step 3: Open http://web.whatsapp.com from Google Chrome

Step 4: If your browser is updated you will see like this saying scan the QR code from Phone

WhatsApp Web

Step 4: Open WhatsApp on your phone  and tap option menu then WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web from APP

Step 5: Now adjust your Phone to scan the QR code that you got in Step 4

Step 6: After successful scanning you will see your WhatsApp chat on web browser like this

Web version WhatsApp

Now enjoy WhatsApp on your PC. You can chat in whatsApp from web browser. WhatsApp web version sync your message with your phone so its recommended to connect your phone with wifi to reduce data.

If you are done with your WhatsApp chat in your web browser and thinking to close then just log out from that web page.

So how to log out in WhatsApp web page ?

Open WhatsApp on your phone then tab the option menu then select WhatsApp Web and click on Log out from all computer. Like this

Log Out WhatsApp Web

Note: WhatsApp Web only work till your phone is connected to internet !!

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WhatsApp Web Launched

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