YouTube Miniplayer : An Android like YouTube Experience on PC

Do you watch YouTube maximum time on Desktop PC than Smartphone or tablet? Then here is new feature YouTube has launched for desktop users and its YouTube Miniplayer. A few days back I had posted an article where you can watch YouTube video as pop up. YouTube Miniplayer is something like that. Where you can play and watch the YouTube video in a  smaller window on that page. You can acess this feature just by activating minplayer mode in YouTube while watching a video.

So how to use YouTube Miniplayer?
  1. Open YouTube from your PC or Laptop
  2. Play any video as you want
  3. Now click on the icon right next to Settings 
  4. The video will be played in a smaller player on the right-bottom corner of your screen
  5. To switch back to regular mode just double click on the Miniplayer

The YouTube has launched this Miniplayer feature in desktop mode to give you the same YouTube experience as on Android or iOS. This miniplayer is pretty nice if you want to search something else while watching a video. But there are some limitations on this minplayer like you can only pause and play video in Miniplayer, you can’t fast-forward or backward the video in Miniplayer. You can’t replay or play the next video in miniplayer.  No volume change option also.

It would be nice if Google added resize option in miniplayer as well as moving the player window from right-bottom corner to any other location of the screen. Still, this is a good feature by YouTube and we expect they will add our demands in coming days.


YouTube Miniplayer : An Android like YouTube Experience on PC
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